Areas of Practice

The future of a company and business is closely related to the legal problems. The world, business, technology and also the laws are subject to continuing change. The evolution of the society and the legislation can only be pre-emptied if a serious, trustworthy and established law firm is appointed in order to avoid the solving of conflicts through the Court route and subsequently be more cost efficient.
The mission of “PUTO, TOPI & PARTNERS” is the provision of consulting services with professionalism and devotion to client needs each time. The devotion is on not quitting the legal advice until the client’s matter is resolved to a satisfactory conclusion for the benefit of the client at the most cost effective and professional legal advice. Its services are provided to a large number of clients, mainly foreign companies and foreign organizations and also the local companies. The number of clients is increased on a regular basis. The firm provides its services in a variety of legal practices with lawyers specialized in the following areas:

Corporate Law, contracts and administration of Companies

  • Consulting in company formations, preparation of memorandum and articles of association, registration at the National Registration Centre (“NRC”) (equivalent to the Companies House) and also with the other administrative bodies as required by law;
  • Consulting on various administration, statutory changes, relationships between shareholders, sale and purchase of shares and listing of companies, etc;
  • Consulting in contractual relationships such as sale, exchange, gift, enphiteos, supply, hiring, leasing of rural properties, leasing of financial equipments and plant and machinery, undertakings, transportation of items and people, utilization, commission agent, distribution, agency contracts, transfer of creditors property, intermediary, depositing contracts, current account documentation, banking documentation, hiring contracts, franchising, insurance contracts, etc;
  • Licensing services at the NRC and other administrative institutions;
  • Relationship with the Authority for Protection of Competition, consulting on anti-trust legislation, merger of companies, consortiums, etc;
  • Mediation on investments and creation of collaborations with other trading companies in Albania and outside of Albania.

Real Estate

  • Verification and registration of real estate at the Office for Registration of Real Estate (equivalent of the Land Registry);
  • Assistance in sale and purchase of real estate;
  • Execution of legal procedures in investing on real estate;
  • Application for use of land, hiring, utilization, easements, servitudes, etc.

Administrative Law

We have extensive experience in resolving problems in administrative law by representing various companies which operate in Albania and overseas by resolving their problems in operating the business through administrative law solutions.

  • Consulting services in communicating and interaction with the government administrative institutions;
  • Assistance and compiling of documentation for participation in tendering, proposals and preparation of concessionary documents, license applications, etc;
  • Administrative appeals at the relevant administrative authorities;
  • Contracts with government institutions;
  • Relationships with institutions of central government;

  • Relationship with local tax offices and NHS offices;
  • Following of employment matters in government administration, administrative process at the Commission of Civil Servants and the relevant courts.

Intellectual Property

The firm offers qualified services in this area and the preparation of all the necessary documentation for registration of trademarks and patents at the General Office for Registration of Patents and Trade Marks, representation in trade mark applications and their protection within the Albanian territory. We also have extensive experience in protection afforded to copyright owners and complete its registration at the Albanian Office for Protection of Authors Copyrights and also generally in mediating any litigation matters with this office.

Matters of Immigration

The firm prepares all types of applications relating to leave to remain and engage into employment for foreign citizens in Albania, preparation of applications for Albanian citizenship and attends to any litigation matters with the government authorities.

Employment Law

The firm offers its services in the area of employment law, preparation of contract of employment, applications on claims of unfair dismissals, collaborations with the national insurance and NHS services. The firm has offered such services and consulting for businesses situated in Albania as well as other international organizations operating in Albania.

Banking Law

The firm offers consulting services in the practice of baking business law such as licensing as a second level banking institution, preparation of documentation for loans etc. The firm has been very successful in resolving conflicts in the field of ownership and business banking through professional representation in court and other administrative institutions.

Finance Law

We offer professional and quality services in the field of taxation law. The firm regularly deals with solving taxation law matters for its clients not only through court but also in administrative institutions. We offer consulting services on the taxation and customs and excise matters and we assist in resolving of conflicts and preparation of appeals on the decisions of tax and excise departments.

The Recognition and execution of decisions of foreign courts

The firm has dealt with a number of matters on the execution of decisions of foreign courts in the Albanian Courts.

Representation for matters concerning the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

The members of the firm have extensive experience in protection of human rights in European level and also the experience gained through representation at the ECHR in Strasbourg.

Environmental Law

The lawyers of the firm have extensive consulting experience in the area of environmental law and completion of projects with environmental impact and utilization of natural and touristic resources in Albania. The firm deals specifically with activities which require environmental licensing and adaptation with environmental policies and legislation.

National Insurance Contributions

The firm offers the required consulting in the field of national insurance and compilation of national insurance contributions agreement with the insurance companies.

Family Law

We offer consulting services and prepare the necessary documentation and afford protection in litigation matters consisting of:

  • Divorce and representation at court;
  • Separation of matrimonial property;
  • Financial obligations towards children in and outside of Albanian territory;
  • Recognition of father or mother status on children.


The firm has extensive experience in the matters of creation, operation and activities of various Organizations in the Republic of Albania and their intra-relationships with other administrative departments and their donors.